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In a nutshell

What is it?

Kind Ads is an ad network, but instead of using regular currency it uses it’s own cryptocurrency.

What I did:

  • Marketing
  • Product Design

When I did this:

Summer 2018


There’s a lot of confusion suspicion surrounding cryptocurrencies these days. When Neil Patel approached me about his idea for an ad network that would later become Kind Ads, I knew that our marketing efforts needed to highlight that cryptocurrencies, while sometimes speculative, can be quite useful as well.

Key accomplishment:

  • Lead Designer of the Kind Ads marketing site

Take a peek at some of the marketing site designs:


Product Design

It’s cool to work on existing platforms and services but it’s not everyday that you get to design a large scale web application from scratch. So, when asked to design a web app for a brand new ad platform that uses it’s own cryptocurrency (the “Kind”) I jumped at the opportunity.

Key accomplishment:

Case study #1 — The Messaging System

  • My role: Lead Product Designer
  • The problem: On the Kind Ads platform, the way that users conduct business (buy/sell ads) is by first reaching out to someone and starting a conversation. Messaging and introductions can sometimes be awkward and difficult and we needed a way to make it simple and streamlined.
  • The solution: I designed an easy way to send messages in the Kind Ads web app.

Take a peek at the design process:



Style tiles


Finished design


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