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In a nutshell

What is Judicious?

Judicious helps people and organizations create great digital content and copywriting.

What I did:

  • Branding

When I did this:

Summer 2018


Judicious isn’t in the business of “ordinary.” They help people create digital content so that those people can stand out. It’s sooooooo important these days to stand out and be a “purple cow.” Sean Work, founder of Judicious, knows this. And he practices what he preaches with his own company. Sean approached me to create a new brand for Judicious so that it would stand out.

Key accomplishments:

Take a peek at the design process:

Original logo


Choosing a word mark


Choosing a logo mark


Finished logo


“Jason is our go-to designer when it comes to stellar looking logo creation, ebooks and in-post artwork.”

— Sean Work, Founder & CEO at Judicious

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