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In a nutshell

What is it?

Hello Bar helps you add pop-ups, announcements and other marketing tools to your website.

What I did:

  • Marketing
  • Product Design

When I did this:

2016 – 2018


Adding announcements and lead generation forms to your site shouldn’t require a degree in computer science. Hello Bar understands this and makes it super easy for anyone to add marketing tools to their site. The company hired me to update their marketing site to reflect this ease of use.

Key accomplishment:

  • Lead Designer of the Hello Bar marketing site

Take a peek at some of the marketing site designs:


Product Design

For a digital marketer, the ability to quickly add announcements, popups and other types of marketing tools to a website is priceless. Often, the marketer needs to ask someone else to do it. Assuming they do it, it could take days. Even weeks. Hello Bar seeks to cut through all the red tape associated with adding lead generation tools and announcements to websites. Start to finish, the process of adding a Hello bar to your site takes minutes, not days. Hello Bar brought me on board to make this process even easier.

Key accomplishment:

Case study #1 — The Hello Bar Editor

  • My role: Lead Product Designer
  • The problem: One of the keys features of Hello Bar is the Hello Bar Editor. The Editor allows you to create various types of “Hello Bars” which can then get added to your site. When I was brought on board, the Editor was in rough shape. The UX was confusing. The creation process seemed unnatural. The entire feature needed to be torn apart and put back together again.
  • The solution: I revamped the Hello Bar Editor.

Take a peek at the design process:

Original Hello Bar Editor


Style Guide for the Hello Bar Editor


Finished Hello Bar Editor design


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