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In a nutshell

What is it?

Domio is an online platform that helps people find and rent apartment-hotels.

What I did:

  • Product Design

When I did this:

Fall 2018

Product Design

Booking places to stay when traveling can get tricky. Hotels often don’t have proper amenities and don’t quite feel like “home.” Airbnbs aren’t always accurately represented online and the entire experience can feel risky. Domio sits comfortably in between. It has the security and accountability of a hotel, but it also has the amenities and tasteful details of an Airbnb. Domio approached me about working with them to breathe life into some features of their online booking platform.

Key accomplishment:

  • Product Designer for Domio

Case study #1 — The Checkout Process

  • My role: Lead Product Designer
  • The problem: The checkout process is arguably one of the most important features of Domio. It needs to flow, it needs to has minimal friction. Domio was using a third party to handle the “transactional” experience of the platform (listings, bookings, etc.). Domio later recognized the importance of owning this experience themselves and began to migrate the listing and booking functionality to their own website. This experience needed to be designed and “aligned” to their brand.
  • The solution: I designed and “aligned” the checkout process for Domio.

Take a peek at the design process:

Design prior to “alignment”


Style guide (not designed by me)


Design after “alignment”


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